Alexandria Park (arboretum). White Church. Photo, video

In October 2010, we visited the Alexandria Park, and it would be more correct to say the arboretum, which is located in the city of Bila Tserkva. It is not so far from Kiev, about 80 kilometers, so many Kievans have visited this beautiful place.

Alexandria Park (arboretum). A Brief History

We can say that the year of foundation of the park is 1784. It was in that year that Countess Alexandra Vasilyevna Branitskaya (by the surname of engelhardt's mother) received from her husband as a gift the estate of Bila Tserkva. Countess Branitskaya managed to visit Europe, where she was delighted with local parks. She decided to do something similar on her estate.

For the park, the countess chose the tract Hayek, 3 kilometers from the city, and named the park – Alexandria, in honor of her name.

In 1791, Prince Potemkin died. Most of his inheritance goes to Branicka. In honor of Potemkin, she decides to dedicate part of the park to him, as well as to make a mausoleum there, the project of which, in 1795, was executed by the famous architect Ivan Starov. The development of the park was planned by the French architect Muffeau. Other architects and gardeners also worked on the park. The first work on the Alexandria Park began in 1793. Many trees were brought from Poland.

After the abolition of serfdom in 1861, the Alexandria Park ceased to be occupied and only kept it in an acceptable condition. The capital restoration of the park began to be engaged only after the Second World War, in 1946. Alexandria Park was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. For 60 years, new sculptures and trees have appeared in the park. As of 2010, the park is still owned by the Academy of Sciences.

What you can see in Alexandria Park

First of all, it is just a beautiful park where you can take a great walk. Throughout the park, which by the way is very large, there are wonderful glades, trees, streams, sculptures. In addition, the Alexandria Park is adjacent to the Ros River.

The main attractions of Alexandria Park:

Rotunda (round building with a dome), Column of Sorrow, Big Waterfall, Echo Colonnade (this is a semicircle and on one side you can perfectly hear a person who speaks on the other), Chinese and Arch bridges, fountains.

In addition, there are tame swans that can be fed bread.

And about the sculptures, there is a sculpture of the Girl with the Goat. So this very goat, the vandals cut down for scrap. Therefore, only the legs remained from the goat. This is clearly visible in the video.

How to get to Alexandria Park from Kiev:

You can take a minibus, which goes from the Lybidskaya metro station.

Or go by train, which is 3 times cheaper, but the trains do not run often, the schedule needs to be clarified at the Kiev passenger station. You need a train that goes to Mironovka, because on the ticket, often written not the correct number of the train (train)!

Address of Alexandria Park (Arboretum):

Kyiv region, Bila Tserkva, Semashka str., 213, phone: +38 0446 34-05-47

Official website:

Video from Alexandria Park (Arboretum). It was filmed in October 2010.