2010-01-17 Election Day

So the election day in Ukraine has already passed. As it all happened in Kiev, I will now try to write it.

So, the Precinct was supposed to be open at 8:00 a.m., the commission met at 7:15 a.m. and the meeting began. We had a quorum (two-thirds) and began to prepare for the opening of the site. We got hold of the updated voter lists. We checked the voting booths. Sealed the urns. More than 20 members of the commission and a dozen observers from different parties were present. At 8 a.m. we opened the site and people fell.

The problems were all the same, these are not the exact lists of voters that were received from the territorial election commission. With these lists, constantly trouble, from year to year the same mistakes. Even if a person writes an application in advance and is included in the list, for the next election he will have to do the same – write an application for inclusion in the list. That's the kind of fool in our country.

Myths and facts for voters:

1) If I don't vote, someone will vote for me.

Well, it will be very difficult to do this when people vote – they sign the lists against their name and of course show their passport. At the polling station usually sits 2 members of the commission from different parties at the same table, one checks the document, and the second gives out a ballot. In principle, if you agree with the member of the commission who checks the documents- then you can vote for someone, BUT there are still observers, other members of the commission, and the voter himself, who can come and vote, and if there is a signature against his name … there will be a big scandal. It is very expensive to do this in Kiev, so I doubt that they do it.

2) You need to come with your pen, and then those in booths with erasable ink

Well, we didn't do that, the pens were given to us by the TEC, and the point is in the ink? Then it is very difficult to deliver a tick, since 20 people are watching you. Pens can be replaced by voters, they do not really look after you in the booth. But again, this has never happened! That the ink would disappear, but anything is possible, but this is more likely to disrupt the elections.

Added. Although I thought that indeed, if you change the handles, you can deprive the candidate of votes. Let's say I know that a lot of people will vote for a certain candidate in this area, then I change the pens to invisible ink and so many will not vote for him :-). It's that simple. For this reason, it is really better to come with your pen.

3) The fact that I am not on the lists is to blame YOU (members of the commission)

We have nothing to do with the lists at all, the TEC (State Register, OIC) gives them to us. Therefore, it is better to clarify in advance, 2 weeks in advance, whether you are on the lists or not.

4) Vote without a passport

It is not possible, the law clearly states which document should be with you.

Okay, actually Election Day, continued.

The polling station opened, the voting began, in general, nothing interesting, everything is as usual. A couple of scandals over the lists, and that's where the adventure ended. A day passed, in the evening the site was closed and the counting began. We counted everything correctly, everything came together, we went to take ballots to the TEC (territorial election commission). There is a queue as usual, we waited there for 3 hours, I even managed to sleep on a chair.

In general, the delivery of protocols and ballots is rather uninteresting. The head of the commission gives 2 protocols, first one of them is checked by computer scientists, so that everything in numbers would converge in the computer. In theory, they enter the data directly into the server of the CEC (Central Election Commission). And the second protocol is read out by a member of the OIC, more distantly all members of the OIC formally vote whether to accept the protocol or not and that's it. We can say that the election for a member of the PEC (precinct election commission) is over :-).

It remains to take the salary and forget about all this nightmare.